Pine Ridge Park

Located on Highway D35 just northwest of Steamboat Rock with access to the west bank of the Iowa River, this park has a lot to offer.

A large camping area provides electrical outlets to service over 40 campers. Primitive sites are also available. There are modern toilets and shower facilities, water, and playground. At Pine Ridge you will find an 8 acre artificial lake for fishing, a shooting range with up to 200 yard range, an enclosed shelter house, and boat ramp that access the Iowa River.

Pine Lake State Park

Located along the Iowa River, 668-acre Pine Lake State Park provides a pleasing mix of woodland, river and lake in the midst of rolling farmland.The park was dedicated in 1926, placing it amongst the earliest state parks in Iowa. Local residents were first drawn to the area by the rumble of Pine Creek as it wound its way between towering white pines, rare ferns, and sandstone outcroppings on its way to the Iowa River. Much of the park was shaped by the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Visitors can still enjoy many of the historic structures built during this time. Pine Lake was named for being the southernmost stand of native pine trees in Iowa, but unfortunately most of the nearly 250-year old giants were lost to a severe hail storm in August of 2009. Visitors today will notice hundreds of caged tree seedlings throughout the park which are part of a massive reforestation effort.